Monday, 3 August 2009

Sunday - progress report and the weekend round up!

I feel like I've had quite a productive weekend and have achieved quite a lot (not much resting or pampering was done...must factor that in next weekend!). Here is a run down of what has been going on (Blogger seems to have an aversion to bullet points this morning!).

Food shopping - Done
Washing - Done
Undercoat window ledges in two new bedrooms - Done (On Sunday!)
Sort out paperwork (the pile had been building since the work started 11 weeks ago - will probably find some horrendously overdue bill lurking somewhere!) - Done
Move my craft stuff out of my chest of drawers and into my Ikea shelving unit - Done
Work on mood boards if there is time - Done

Prime plaster in two new bedrooms - 1 bedroom done
Washing - Done
take spare lights and tile trims back to Wickes (just need to find that pesky receipt!)
Get another tin of primer, sandpaper and tester pots from B&Q (don't forget to use credit note!) - Done
Sort out old paint in the shed and see what we can use - Done
Work on mood boards

Sunday (definitely NOT a day of rest!)
Undercoat living room woodwork - Done
Take cardboard which wont fit in the recycling bin to the recycling point at the supermarket - Can't do cardboard recycling at Morrison's so I'm going to have to wait until Friday when our recycling bin is emptied
Ironing - - Done
Clean house up!! - Done

Not to much stuff left in red still to be done and we did do some stuff which wasn't on the list:
  • Bathroom ceiling painted
  • Moved dining table and welsh dresser into kitchen
  • Undercoated cupboard door in new bedroom 2

The builders have now finished until we get the electric cable moved so we can crack on with painting and decorating.

Just one small job for tonight - Give cupboard ceiling first coat of white paint

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