Thursday, 13 November 2008

# 94 - Learn the location, capital cities and flags of every country in Europe

Useful in quizzes and good for a bit of kudos with your mates - the location of the countries in Europe is sadly lacking in my knowledge.

To put this right I have a quest to learn all the countries, capital cities and flags of all the countries in Europe. I have found this snazzy little website that should help. I will track my progress here:

13 November - 50% - pathetic!
21 November - 53%

Saturday, 8 November 2008

#82 - Make £300

8 November 2008 - £16.09 (£16.09/£300)
Easy money from Quidco, mainly due to a free DVD rental from LoveFilm. Promptly transferred this money into the ISA to help with #43. Don't have enough time for mystery shopping at the moment as I am studying for my CIM exams (1st Exam on the 1 December - eek!).

Have just started using a cashback credit card for everything we buy to help with this challenge. At just 1% of purchase price this will never make me rich but nice be a nice small earner when we have finished with Christmas. Can't take the cashback out until Jan/Feb 2010 so should have at least £100 by then!