Monday, 27 October 2008

Progress - week seven and eight

In progress

#20 - Make a cake every month
This week I made a very seasonal pumpkin pie for our Halloween party - yum!
#25 - Insulate loft
Have made an appointment for Scottish Power to give us a quote tomorrow. Will see how that goes but B&Q have some very good deal on at the moment so it might be cheaper to do it ourselves!
#50 - Go to Brighton
Tickets are booked for January. Good old Travelodge - £19 per night!
#96 - Learn to use chopsticks
Chopsticks are listed on by Christmas list - just need someone very kind to buy them for me...
#93 - Learn to juggle
See #96

Current progress
In progress - 20.8%
Completed - 6.9%

#16 - Start veg box

This week saw us restart our veg box from a local farm. I am very impressed with the quality of the contents but not too sure how we are going to eat it all before the next delivery on Friday. I have been frantically scanning the vegbox recipes site for inspiration (although I am a little disappointed to see that some of the content is now for members only - I found the beauty of this site was that it was building a community of people interested in trying our new recipes with their weird and wonderful veg. Now all the popular recipes need a subscription to be viewed. I understand why this is being done but it is a shame as the site was such a wonderful free resource.)

In the box this week:


Saturday, 11 October 2008

Progress - Week five and six

#44 - Pay sister back the money we owe her

We finally paid my sister the £5000 we owed her for the previous house we owned. It has taken us over 4 years to do it and the feeling of finally doing it is great! The money we were paying her with is now going towards the new car (payments start next month - eek!) and into my ISA (see #43).

# 54 - Start a donation to a charity

I started not one but two donations to charity this week. I couldn't decide between the Cats Protection League (Where cat #1 comes from) or Friends of the Earth. I considered the merits of each long and hard then decided to donate the minimum amount to BOTH - hey it is charity after all. Mr M donates to Cancer Research already so I feel between us we have the important bases covered. I can't wait to receive my Cats Protection League car sticker - I shall wear it with pride!

#58 - Get a set of thermal underwear

Purchased a thermal vest today from the lovely people at M&S. Not tried it out yet but to the uninitiated it just looks like a vest... we shall see...

Current progress
In progress - 14.85%
Completed - 6%