Monday, 27 October 2008

Progress - week seven and eight

In progress

#20 - Make a cake every month
This week I made a very seasonal pumpkin pie for our Halloween party - yum!
#25 - Insulate loft
Have made an appointment for Scottish Power to give us a quote tomorrow. Will see how that goes but B&Q have some very good deal on at the moment so it might be cheaper to do it ourselves!
#50 - Go to Brighton
Tickets are booked for January. Good old Travelodge - £19 per night!
#96 - Learn to use chopsticks
Chopsticks are listed on by Christmas list - just need someone very kind to buy them for me...
#93 - Learn to juggle
See #96

Current progress
In progress - 20.8%
Completed - 6.9%


  1. Hi! I have just found your blog and am enjoying what I have read. Best of luck with your goals!

  2. Like the look of your 101 list.. good luck in achieving them!!