Saturday, 8 August 2009

Lilac is not a good bathroom look!

The bathroom is the first room we are tacking with the decorating. We tried several tester pots and decided on frosted steel from dulux. It looked like a quite funky colour which would go with the cream bathroom tiles and the duck egg blue towels.

Two hours later and the bathroom looks like a child's bedroom from the late 80s - not a good look! I hated it straight away but OH said it looked ok. Fast forward to the next morning an a phone call at work from OH saying he doesn't like it either!! The paint was a pricey £19 but I'll never be happy with it so we are going to paint it white for now. (the offending paint had been used up in the large computer cupboard). Photos to follow when the camera is charged up!


  1. I've been there and done it - I did the whole bathroom, thought it looked ok, got up in the middle of the night and cried at how bad it looked...

  2. God, how frustrating - oh well, better to grit your teeth and paint it white - otherwise it would annoy you every time you went in there!

  3. It's funny I love lilac and yet have never found it works on walls, except Monica's lounge on Friends :D