Sunday, 12 July 2009

What to do next?

Now I have finished my CIM course my thoughts have turned what to do next. Do I continue to do the Postgraduate Diploma (another two years of study!!) or put all my efforts into doing up the house (extension due to be completed next weekend!). My bookgroup seems to have given up the ghost so I'm feeling at a bit of a loose end for extra curricular activities at the moment.

Decisions, decisions...


  1. Guess it depends if the Postgraduate thingy is a stepping stone - if it's a means to an end, go for it, I say. I'm not a great fan of education for education's sake only because there's so many other things I'd want to be doing. Only my opinion though:-) Let us know what you decide!

  2. I have been having similar thoughts - do I do a PhD or do I just carry on as I am and do more interesting courses? After discussing it with colleagues, some of whom have PhDs, I've kind of come to the conclusion that it's expensive, takes over your life and quite frankly no one cares whether I have one or not. The only reason I would do it is purely to make myself feel better and I'm not sure it would really. It would most likely make it impossible for me to have a life so I've decided to do a fun course that I know I will be good at and I know won't be too taxing (I have a mega stressful job) so I've opted to do a City and Guild in Interior Design instead.