Saturday, 4 July 2009

To piano or not to piano?

As the house renovations are drawing to a close my mind has turned to what to do with the extra space we are left with. By creating a larger kitchen we are going to move our dining table into it leaving quite a bit gap in our living room. I want to create a cosy reading/knitting/chilling area but then I got the idea of having an upright piano in this space.

I can't play a piano or know anyone who does but I really, really want one - crazy huh? To add to my pain there is one for sale on eBay and is only a couple of miles away from us. I keep checking the bidding but no one seems to want it except me. Oh what shall I do??


  1. Buy it!!! Then get some lessons - I love the piano!!

  2. We decided not to bid on the piano - our house is in turmoil with the builders so we have no where to store it. I have been promised one once the house is shipshape though...