Friday, 31 July 2009

To do this weekend

The house renovations are nearly done (still got a pesky electric cable to be moved and Eon are being painfully slow about the whole thing! grrr) so we can start to piece our house back together and stop living out of one room. To keep me motivated here is this weekends to do list...

  • Food shopping

  • Washing

  • Undercoat window ledges in two new bedrooms

  • Sort out paperwork (the pile had been building since the work started 11 weeks ago - will probably find some horrendously overdue bill lurking somewhere!)

  • Move my craft stuff out of my chest of drawers and into my Ikea shelving unit

  • Work on mood boards if there is time


  • Prime plaster in two new bedrooms

  • Washing

  • take spare lights and tile trims back to Wickes (just need to find that pesky receipt!)

  • Get another tin of primer, sandpaper and tester pots from B&Q (don't forget to use credit note!)

  • Sort out old paint in the shed and see what we can use

  • Work on mood boards

Sunday (definitely NOT a day of rest!)

  • Undercoat living room woodwork

  • Take cardboard which wont fit in the recycling bin to the recycling point at the supermarket

  • Ironing

  • Clean house up!!
If I get 75% of this done I'll be chuffed!

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