Friday, 10 August 2012

What to buy for a first birthday?

It is fast approaching Little J's first birthday and I'm stumped for what to get her (or what NOT to get her).  A lot of people subscribe to the idea that they are too young to remember it so don't waste your money.  I partly agree with this and to be honest we already have too many toys that we have been given or purchased from charity shops.  I've already had several friends and family ask what she wants as well...

I've been looking on several websites but can't come up with anything that isn't a variation of what we already have.  Any ideas for a first birthday gift (preferably slightly educational!) would be greatly accepted.



  1. What about more of a celebration instead of extra gifts, like get all the family and friends round for some lovely food? Take lots of pictures to remember the day and you gotta have bubbles!!! Im sure it'll be lovely xx

    1. Thanks Astra. We've decided not to really get her anything as everyone else will spoil her. I'm sure we spend enough throughout the year!

      We will defo be having a little party. I think it's more about the adults at this age isn't it?!