Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Job dilemma

Since finding out I've got to go back to work full time in October I've come to terms with the fact and decided to really concentrate on paying off our mortgage.  I've discussed it with friends and family and got my head around it.  I've even been planning to find part-time work or work for myself when it is paid so I can be around to collect my daughter from school and be there in the holidays.

I've now found a really nice part-time job BUT it is only 18.5 hours AND a grade lower than I'm currently on.  It's put me in a tizzy.  Do I apply for it and shelve all my dreams of being mortgage free and possibly struggle financially for a while or do I continue with full-time work and pursue the dream? EEkk!


  1. Oh you poor love, what a dilemma! You know deep down what's best for you, and all the advice in the world won't really change that. All I would say is that I worked part-time, racked up thousands £ of debt and have spent years paying it off but I've never regretted the time I had with Samuel, lots of special memories. You're only young and sensible with your cash, you'll make it work and can push for mf when little one is at school x

  2. Gosh what a dilemma. Can you delay the dream for a short time and make it work.