Sunday, 8 March 2009

eco caravanning

Just watched the latest episode of 'It's not easy being green' on iplayer. They had a feature on eco caravanning (Eco + caravans - two things close to my heart - although I don't have a caravan or have spent any time in one I just know it's my destiny - ok?!). The airstream is the daddy of all caravans - think big, American and shiny! I would assume it would be impossible to made this beast eco but I was wrong!

The programme showed the caravan with a wood burning stove and solar panels and all the recycled materials made the interior look pretty cool! Check it our here.

Oh how I want one! But surely with such luxury Lauren Laverne shouldn't need to wear her coat and gloves for the entire show? and what about the 4-wheel drive Jeep they needed just to pull the thing along?

Perhaps I should stick with my humble tent for now....

Mrs M

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