Friday, 13 July 2012

I'm gonna use it up...wear it out...

Reading some great blogs has made me realise that I have LOADS of stuff in the house that I just don't use.  Not stuff like excessive clothing or shoes but stuff like half used pots of moisturiser, make up, perfume samples etc.  Now all this stuff is perfectly usable and I vow to use it up before I go out and buy more.

A quick sweep of the bedroom and bathroom reveals:

  • 3 shampoo and conditioners (From our trip to Centre Parcs)
  • 2 Hotel bath foams
  • 2 Hotel shower gels (I see a pattern forming here - I cant just leave them in the hotel as I've technically paid for them!)
  • 2 Spray deodorants
  • Several sample sachets of shampoo, moisturiser and conditioner
  • 1 pot day cream
  • 2 Fizz ease type products
  • Benefit benetint, blusher and highlighter (left over from our wedding nearly 5 years ago - not sure if they are still safe to use?)
  • 2 Soaps
  • 3 Packs of face wipes
  • 3 Shower gels
  • 1 Footgel
  • 1 Lip balm
  • 3 Handcreams
  • 3 Cuticle creams
Now I see it all written out it seems like I cant resist taking things home from a hotel, keeping samples from magazines and storing up bits given to me for Christmas to use 'as a treat'.  They are taking over the bathroom cabinet so I need to use them up NOW!  And it should also save us a few quid in the process...


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