Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Apprentice: Nick Vs Margaret - episode 1

You know spring is here when the Apprentice is on the TV. I have been eagerly awaiting the new series, not to see 14 new candidates make fools of themselves or to see Srallen's cutting comments but to see the real stars of the show...Nick and Margaret.

They come up with the best lines, they don't have to pretend to like the candidates and best of all they can play a blinder in the boardroom by revealing a shortcoming of one of the condemned candidates just at the right moment.

Let's make things more interesting I thought. Why not see each week which of Srallen's aides is the best (most amusing comment, facial expression etc) and then tot them up at the end of the series to see who the REAL winner of the Apprentice 2009 is....

Episode 1
Winner - Margaret
We saw very little of Nick and Marge this week but Margaret's 'Never before have so few cars been washed by so many' just edged it for me.
Total: Nick 0: 1 Margaret

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