Saturday, 18 April 2009

The Apprentice: Nick vs Maragret - episode 4

Wow - I can't believe it is week 4 already! A highly cringeworthy episode this week just like we love from The Apprentice. Sadly for me one of my picks for my fantasy Apprentice team, Paula, was fired this week. I still believe it was the wrong decision from S'rallen but she had the moral victory in the end because she is a nice person!

Episode 4
Winner - Nick
The dynamic duo are coming into their own now. Nick has to win this week for the way he delivered the devastating news of the price of sandalwood 'I'll leave you to get on with it'. Class.

Total: Nick 2: 1 Margaret


  1. Was total class that one! Totally agree the wrong person went - that annoying bloke should have gone!

  2. can't wait for this week's comment - watched it last night and kept thinking of classic lines that were said!!!