Wednesday, 31 December 2008

2009 101 in 1001 list

Here is my updated list for the 101 in 1001 challenge due to end on the 31 May 2011:

In progress
Read 64 books (15/64) - two per month
Watch 32 films (14/32) - one per month
Go to the cinema 15 times (1/15) - once every two months
Go for a meal one a month (5/32)
Go to Am Dram twice a year (0/5)
Pass CIM Professional Diploma (1/4)
Get an allotment
- number 11 on allotment list June 2009
Make a cake every month (6/32)
Get a new and more Eco friendly central heating system

Change all light bulbs in the house to energy saving ones
Stop using chemicals for cleaning
Knit a patchwork blanket for sofa (6/100 squares knitted)
Make £300 from mystery shopping, surveys, quidoco etc (46.09/300)
Learn the location, capital cities and flags of every country in Europe

Still to start
Play more scrabble - aim for once a month (0/32)
Have a picnic (2/5)
Go to one football match per season (1/3) - Hollyoaks V.s AC Broxtowe
Brew own beer
Make homemade wine
Try scallops
Put up lined curtains at front and back door
Decorate living room - done April 09
Decorate hall
Replace fence in back garden with a hedge
Chop down tree in front garden
Change house energy rating from D to B
Get a water meter fitted
Get bus to work once a week for a month (0/4)
Get a shower timer (and use it!)
Don't use a supermarket for a month
Drink no alcohol for one month
Be vegetarian for one month
Fill ISA for 2009 and 2010 (0/2)
Pay off student loan
Climb Ben Nevis
Climb Scarfell Pike
Visit Holy Island
See the Northern Lights
Go boating on Highfields lake
Build a sandcastle
Use watercolours to paint a picture for house
Go camping twice a year (1/6) - 25/05/09 Sparklow, Derbyshire
Make and wear one item of clothing (0/1)
Knit one item of clothing (0/1) - not a scarf!
Sell one Christmas pudding tea cosy (0/1)
Lose half a stone a keep it off for 6 months (0/6)
Run 5k
Drink 8 pints of water a day for one week (0/7) - see if it has a positive effect
Have a 30th birthday party
Give blood 7 times (2/7)
Do a detox
Do not use nail varnish (look for alternatives to make my nails look beautiful!)
Try skiing or snowboarding
Go horse riding
Replace cleanser and moisturiser with natural alternatives
Paint decking
Learn to juggle

Start my family tree
Learn to use chopsticks

Use the farm shop
Go to an art gallery

Go to a Christmas carol concert
Get a local dentist
Get a set of thermal underwear
Start a donation to a charity
Pay sister back the money we owe her
Start using washable make up pads - stop using cotton wool which can't be recycled!
Insulate loft

Start veg box again
Go to a classical concert (1/1)
Make jam
Swap one car for a more Eco model
Go to Brighton - 2/1/09
Go to a Cath Kidston Shop - 3/1/09
Go ice skating - 8/1/09
Take part in Earth Hour 2009 - 28/3/09
Find and use a local butcher - found a butcher a few miles away. He even does a collection service from a farm in the next village.

No longer on the list!
Buy and read Sunday paper once a month (2/32)
Be self sufficient for salad items for July, August and September 09 & 10 (0/6)
Throw a party using only homegrown produce
Review progress and blog once a week (4/142)

Take a photo of each challenge (0/101)
Learn to crochet
Make homemade ice cream
Send a postcard to myself from every new place I visit
Be in the audience for a TV or radio show
Only send handmade cards for Christmas 2008
No flying
Run 10k
Run half marathon
Have one TV free evening per fortnight (3/71)
Eat one meal a week at the dining table (3/142)

Do yoga once a week (1/142)
Go swimming once a month (7/32)
Go to a spinning class (0/1)
Do jigsaws and take to charity shop (0/8)
Only eat free range chicken
Overpay mortgage by £4800 (0/4800) - £150 per month
Handwash car once every two months (1/16)
Go for a walk once a week (10/142)

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