Saturday, 27 September 2008

Progress week three and four

Had a week off work last week so here is the update for the last 2 weeks.

In progress:
#11 - Pass CIM Professional Diploma
Started the CIM Professional Diploma last week. Looks like it will be a year of hard work and will probably be the most challenging part of the 101 in 1001 as it will impact on the time I will be able to spend on the other parts of the challenge.

#17 - Get an allotment
Forgot to list this one as 'in progress'. I have put my name down for an allotment in the village but to my dismay I am number 22 on the list. Perhaps this is a good thing, especially with #11 underway! By my calculations it should be about 18 months to one year before I can actually get my hands on one and the nice lady at the Parish Council said I could call her from time to time to check on the progress of my application!

#67 - Go swimming once a month (2/32)
This is probably going to be quite easy now. I have joined the local gym which has a great pool (and jacuzzi and steam room!) and and planning to go a couple of times a week. Both for some exercise and so I can use the gym showers and save some water and energy at home!

#85 - Get a local dentist
Managed to find a 'local' dentist- still about 10 miles away but more local than an hours drive away like our current dentist! First check up in November.

Current progress
In progress - 14.85%
Completed - 2.97%

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  1. I'll be watching your progress on this one as I have dreams of my own allotment or a garden big enough to be able to dedicate to going veg etc.

    Only just found your blog, but will be a regular visitor from now on!