Sunday, 27 July 2008

Achievements - July 08

Just reviewing my first post has inspired me that I have actually done quite a few things in order to be debt and mortgage free and have a altogether simpler life. So far this month I have:
  • Got cheaper deals on my and OH car insurance. Saving about £150 per year
  • Fixed our gas and electricity prices with Scottish Power. Savings unknown - we are at the mercy of energy companies!
  • Joined the local Eco team in our village to find out more about greener options
  • Done some research into bus vs car to work (but not actually gone the whole hog and tried it out yet!)
  • Joined Quidco and have payments pending from my car insurance, DVD rental trial and hotel booking
  • Put my name down with the Parish Council for an allotment. Very excited at the prospect of having an allotment as our back garden is v small but going to have to be patient as I am currently number 22 on the list!
Confessions for the month
  • Booked a 2 night stay in Oxford for OH birthday in September. Did use Quidco and got a bargain deal of £29 per night
  • Perhaps the biggest blip for the month is ...ermm... buying a Nintendo Wii. But I do love it a lot and I would like a Wii fit for Christmas now I have cancelled my gym membership, so potentially saving us money?
July has been a good month, lets hope the motivation stays high for August!

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